On average, patients see 19.7 physicians in their lifetimes, which is a testament to data fragmentation. Patients want access to their health data across all settings of care that builds over time, and follows them wherever they go – securely and safely. Mericom intends to revolutionize the patient health record platform. Mericom will create a consumer oriented, secure, universal PHR platform that is patient centered and patient owned and one that integrates with all major EHRs. The curated, clinically relevant and simple interface will not only allow patients and their caregivers easy access to their own medical records but also the ability to easily and securely share their medical information with other physicians and healthcare providers.


Mericom is a healthcare information technology company that is focused on empowering patients, improving quality of care and reducing healthcare costs through the development of a universally compatible patient health record platform (PHR). It is a patient centered, patient owned but physician created secure, cloud based health record platform that removes all technological barriers to quality healthcare and brings the physician and patient community closer.

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